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Short summary

Attex IKE is DJI Authorized distributor of DJI Agras drones. Our company is highly engaged at developing the market of agricultural and enterprise drones in Greece. Each market is distinct and serves a particular specialty industry. In addition to the specific of the company of our clients, Attex IKE will sell the optimal option from DJI products. We are glad to guest our clients in our big showroom, where they are able are able to see the aircrafts and to learn more how helpful they are for developing their business.


As a market representative of section with continuous development we aim to reach target customers and aware them for all the positives they can derive from these innovative technology such as drone industry. The target audience for us is business owners, state institutions, such as state security, police, military forces, naval police, etc., private and public schools educational institution as well farmers, producer companies, surveyors, engineers, construction companies etc. We are specialized in consulting and presenting, such as individual consultation, offers, building a business plan, organizing trainings and as well applying for European projects.

Building a future together

Attex IKE is fast developing company, highly engaged with Aircraft industry. Our mission is to grow and develop the market for Agricultural drones. We are continuously organizing presentations, meetings and investing in commercial for being able to introduce to our market the great advantages that our clients can achieve, using drones in their growing business. We are proud of growing highly motivated team with qualifications such as trainers and service experts provided from DJI Academies and we are able to support our clients with education such as DJI Academies since November 2021.

Our Mission

To represent DJI Drones to the Greece market, provide quality services to our clients, trainings and individual business consultation that will help their companies prosper and grow. We are highly motivated to train our customers and their salespeople so they will be successful in using all the advantages of the aircrafts.

Why you should trust us

  • Developing our highly motivated team with educations, academies and trainings for sustaining great service for our clients.
  • We will provide a safe and effective learning situation for our students while adhering to safe practice and to applicable federal and state regulations.
  • Attex IKE will provide students with an excellent aircraft for flight training and an aircraft to fly upon successful completion of their training.
  • Ensure account team members use our proprietary planning and reporting process to stay in touch with customers and keep them updated on projects.
  • Provide public speaking training for all consultants, clients and companies.
  • Develop close relationships with subcontractors who can support us in areas such as graphic design, to ensure materials and presentations are always clear and maintain a consistent brand.
  • All our staff members have at least a four-year degree, with 20% having an advanced degree
  • We are a growing company with a large base, showroom and chain stores across the country. We have a well-developed online store to which we maintain great interest in Greece.